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The 3 best guns at SHOT Show range day
My three picks for show stoppers will probably leave you scratching your head. However, hear me out
Mich. officer shot in face, suspect captured after shootout
The officer was shot in the face and shoulder during a traffic stop, but managed to race back to his car to radio for help
St. Louis undercover officer claims colleagues beat him in ‘free for all’ during protest
Newly released court documents describe the incident as a “free for all”
Detroit man crashes into police car, admits driving high
The man admitted to smoking marijuana before getting behind the wheel
3 steps to explaining your needs in a grant application
As the grant writer for your agency, it’s up to you to explain the problem in the grant application in a way that gets you funded
Fla. police seize ATVs, dirt bikes in crackdown on 'Wheels Up, Guns Down' riders
Police seized dozens of ATVs and dirt bikes as part of a crackdown on these riders, who've taken the streets on the MLK holiday for the past five years
Supreme Court returns to gun rights for 1st time in 9 years
The U.S. Supreme Court will take up its first guns rights case in nine years
Mass. man accused of killing police officer slices inmate’s face with razor
The man, being held without bail for the murder of an officer, allegedly sliced an inmate’s face with a razor during a fight
Spotlight: Estes AWS provides cops with rapidly accessible weapons in critical situations
The Rapid Access Weapon Locker opens electronically with no combinations to remember
How to use sophisticated research to find grant opportunities
Broaden your search with keywords that focus on the problem you want to solve with grant funds, remembering that you can partner with other agencies and non-profits


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