Why No Travel Advisories for Violent American Cities?
By DrRon Martinelli, Forensic Criminologist & Show Host
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There really are no excuses for American citizens being forced to live and work in these cesspools of violence where residents are literally hostages in their own homes and cannot even venture out at night to go to the store, dine at a restaurant, go to a park, or take a comfortable stroll around the block on a nice balmy evening.

Today, the State Department issued travel advisories for eleven of Mexico’s most violent states. In reading the advisories, I noted that one of the areas that our State Department issued a “Threat Level II” advisory for is Mexico’s Baja California area which includes Dos Cabos and Cabo San Lucas. Both are popular vacation destinations for American tourists. A Threat Level II advisory means that visiting Americans should practice “increased caution” when visiting and vacationing in that area.

Our State Department has also issued Threat Level III and IV advisories for Mexican states and areas that include Mexico City, Acapulco, Ixtapa, Sonora, Durango, Tamaulipas, Sinola, Colima, Michoacan and Guerrero. These threat levels provide extreme warnings that forbid federal employees from even visiting those areas due to “extreme violence and active threats to safety.” Apparently, these travel advisories have been issued as a direct result of significant increases in the homicide and violence rates in a number of Mexican states due to drug cartel activity. That is both reasonable and understandable. We want Americans to be safe while traveling abroad, right?

As a practicing criminologist who recently wrote an article about the FBI’s recent report on America’s thirty most violent cities and the significant increases in violent crime and homicide rates in those cities, I thought, “Why isn’t our State Department issuing travel advisories to Americans visiting our own violent cities?”

After all, our State Department issued a Threat level II travel advisory for Americans visiting Baja, Mexico which has a homicide rate of 61 homicides per 100,000 population; but not to St. Louis, MO or Baltimore, MD which have the exact same murder rates as Baja. So what gives here?

Per capita and size-wise, Southside Chicago has a higher homicide rate than Acapulco, Mexico, which our State Department has banned our federal employees from visiting. However, our government provides no warnings to Americans saying they shouldn’t visit that part of the city.

I’ve noted that just based upon the reasonable logic of our State Department to keep Americans safe, it would be prudent, helpful and consistent for our government to put together a list of our most violent American cities with out of control crime and homicide rates and then post travel advisories for those areas too.

Personally, as a person who has to visit many of our nation’s most violent cities for business, I’d just like to know what my risks are when I’m there. For other Americans who would consider visiting those cities for business or vacation, travel advisories would provide them with important safety information which might have them reassess visiting elsewhere for those purposes.

Can you just imagine the political and economic upheaval it would cause those thirty out of control violent American cities if they were placed on a “Warning! Do not visit or visit at your own risk” list? Just looking at our nation’s ten most violent cities in descending order: St. Louis, Baltimore, Detroit, New Orleans, Birmingham, Jackson, MS, Baton Rouge, Hartford, CT, Salinas, CA, Milwaukee, and our nation’s capitol Washington, DC.

As I have previously written, statistically, an American would be safer as a soldier on patrol in the Middle East clearing ISIS strongholds door to door; than walking the mean streets of our thirty most violent American cities. That is a serious thought to ponder.

There really are no excuses for American citizens being forced to live and work in these cesspools of violence where residents are literally hostages in their own homes and cannot even venture out at night to go to the store, dine at a restaurant, go to a park, or take a comfortable stroll around the block on a nice balmy evening.

For a free people to be forced to reside in homes and apartments with iron barred doors and windows like a prison cell is an absolute disgrace on a national level. It should not be tolerated. But why, do they tolerate it?

I believe that our citizens accept these violent environments because they have become used to living with the psychological feelings of hopelessness and despair caused by do-nothing liberal political city and state administrations, all too complacent with the status quo. On a political level, I would offer up to you that all thirty of our nation’s most violent cities are governed by liberal Democratic administrations. The relationship between inner city ghettos, violent crime and liberal politicians and policies is no coincidence.

Dr. Martinelli’s Book: The Truth Behind the Black Lives Matter Movement and the War on Police

As an example, let’s look at relatively small Salinas, CA with a population of only 150,000, which in 2015 increased its homicide rate by an incredible 150%. It is governed by Democrats, in a state governed by uber-liberal Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown and its equally liberal Democratic legislature; which recently declared California to be a “Sanctuary State.”

Salinas, a once quiet agricultural city in the state’s Central Coast near Monterey, was the home of author John Steinbeck. Sequestered in America’s “salad bowl,” it would be considered to be a “Middle American” town. However, now the city has the dubious distinction of being listed by the FBI as our nation’s #8 most violent city. As a direct result of the state’s “Open Borders” illegal immigration mentality, Salinas now has a significant presence of the violent MS-13 street gang.

At least 50% of the Salinas’ murders have been classified by police as gang-related and/or with possible ties to know street gangs. A number of other murders have been attributed to disputes over drug sales. These are major urban city problems now occurring in the once placid Salinas. In fact, the city’s 2015 homicide rate was seven times the nation’s per capita murder rate per 100,000 population. What’s up with that?

Knowledgeable sources confide that Salinas’ dangerous rise in murders is a direct result of low police staffing, the city’s sanctuary city status, illegal alien crime, politically motivated abandonment of proactive policing strategies designed to reduce crime and the passage of Proposition 47 which reduced drug felonies to mere misdemeanors and has fueled the surge in drug sales and abuse.

With a relatively small police force of officers, there is little chance that the Salinas Police Department will be able to reduce the city’s increasing violent crime rate. Its murder solvability rate is only 24% which is far below the state’s average of a 64% homicide clearance rate. The city’s 2015 homicide rate is five times the state’s average of five murders per every 100,000 people. That’s a tough pill for its Silicon Valley dot com commuting citizens to swallow in a city where the price for an average-sized home is around $500,000 and state taxes are through the roof.

Anyone who despairs and thinks that at least 70% of Salinas’ horrible murder rate cannot be reduced by proactive policing strategies, more conservative and assertive policies and programs that reduce illegal immigration and illegal alien and gang crime are living in a liberal bubble.

Our nation’s capitol of Washington DC would also qualify for State Department travel advisory status. In 2015, the District of Columbia experienced an astronomical 50% rise in its murder from 2014. It should be no surprise that the district’s political administration that was once governed by crack-smoking Mayor Marion Berry is staunchly Democratic. While there is lots of rhetoric in DC about reducing it’s violent crime rate; there is zero activity or commitment to actually do so.

As a professional who’s business deals with violent death, I would submit that unless our citizens support our law enforcement officers and take back our municipal, state and federal governments and force the modification of behavior of do-nothing, ineffective politicians, we will be relegated to affixing more security bars on our doors, buying more alarm systems, buying more guns to protect ourselves and living in the squalor of the prison environments we created by our own inaction and lack of political engagement.

And that’s a lot of food for serious thought. Be safe out there.

Dr. Ron Martinelli, a retired San Jose Detective and world renowned forensic criminologist has done exhaustive research on the Black Lives Matter movement. He wrote the book: The Truth Behind the Black Lives Matter Movement and the War on Police

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