A caretaker at a Texas cemetery made a grim discovery earlier this month, finding the body of a baby buried in a flowerpot, police said Wednesday.

The deceased girl was found at the Perry Cemetery on March 11 when the caretaker “emptied what he knew to be an out of place flowerpot,” according to a news release from the Carrollton Police Department.

He located the child’s body “beneath the pot’s soil,” police said.

The medical examiner found that the child weighed less than six pounds and was 34 weeks to full term, according to authorities. Her umbilical cord was “still attached,” police said.

Neither her race nor if she was born alive was immediately clear.

The flowerpot is believed to have arrived on the cemetery grounds between Feb. 27 and March 2, based on details from the caretaker, police said.

The police department has taken its case to the public, asking for any information tied to their investigation.

“Among our immediate priorities is identifying the baby to ensure a proper burial,” police said.