The Fifty Club of Galveston County - Annual Awards
Galveston, Texas
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The Fifty Club of Galveston County

Forty-Seventh Annual Awards Luncheon

May 7, 2018

Moody Gardens Hotel, Frances Ann Moody Ballroom

Galveston, Texas


PresidingPresident Walter Wilson


        “The Fifty Club welcomes you and thanks you for joining us at our 47th Annual Awards Luncheon.”



Wilson to Introduce:        Bob Ford, Master of Ceremony


Ford to Introduce:   Jimmie Kessler, Rabbi Emeritus Congregation B’nai Israel.


Ford to Introduce:    Pledge of Allegiance



Ford:          To our Peace Officers…Whose dedicated careers protect us from ourselves and others, and to whom we owe so much for our safety…OUR SINCERE THANKS.


Ford:        Recognition of Dignitaries, Elected Officials and Individuals running for public office.  Thank you for being here to support your local law enforcement.


Ford:        Recognition of Directors.  (Announce that the names are listed on the back page of the program and ask that those attending please stand to be recognized).


FORD:  SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:  (INVITE Mr. Steve Parmley  and his wife Suzy Hedding-Parmley, to the podium for a special presentation)  (They will be carrying a big check to present to The Fifty Club) explain that the Parmley’s hosted a Sea Isle Poker Run-2017 and all proceeds collected were donated to The Fifty Club of Galveston County.  Ask for applause from the membership.)





Ford to Announce:  The Chief of each department is asked to come forward and join in the photograph when the award is presented to their department’s nominee.  The order is printed on the front of your program and is the order the departments were inducted as Honoring Members.


·       (Walter Wilson & Mario Lucchesi ) to hand out plaques and pose with nominee in photo).




Ford:        Will Chief Vernon Hale, of THE GALVESTON POLICE DEPARTMENT please come forward to assist with the presentation to: 


  • Officer David Roark, Officer of the Year

Officer David Roark represents the Galveston Police Department with the initiative to perform his duty, as a law enforcement professional, leading by example, seeking no recognition, delivering results and demonstrating respect for the public he serves.  His tenacious approach to law enforcement was most apparent as he followed up on a motor vehicle burglary which included a stolen firearm.  His investigation included identifying the suspect through a surveillance camera video, finding an address, making contact with the mother, gaining consent to search the young man’s room and identifying stolen items:  but, not the weapon.  He then allowed the mother to make phone contact with her son, a Ball High School student, who confessed his involvement.  Officer Roark went to the high school, coordinated with GISD Police, and was able to recover a loaded firearm with two additional loaded magazines from a vehicle in the school’s parking lot.  In the wake of the recent Florida shootings, we all recognized a student with a loaded firearm on school property is a dangerous situation.  This Officer’s relentless follow-up investigation to a burglary avoided what could have become a deadly incident.  For his high level of service, sterling example, positive leadership and relentless dedication to the ideals of police work, the Galveston Police Department is proud to recognize Officer David Roark.

Officer Roark has earned a Master Peace Officers License; he received a Chief’s award commendation for service in Hurricane Ike, and his file contains numerous letters of and recognition from citizens for his professional demeanor, outstanding job performance, quick response and action for the public good.



Ford:        Will Sheriff Henry Trochesset, of THE GALVESTON COUNTY SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT please come forward to assist with the presentation to:


(1)              Deputy Rodrick Reeves, Deputy of the Year


It is with great pleasure that the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office recognizes Deputy Rodrick Reeves for the 50 Club Award for Peace Officer of the Year.

Deputy Reeves has been with the GCSO for over 12 years starting in the Corrections and Recruiting Divisions.  He was assigned to his current position in the School Liaison Division in 2017.

On January 30, 2018, while assigned to Texas City Independent School District as a School Liaison Officer, Dep. Reeves was working at Texas City High School when he observed Willowridge High School Freshman Basketball Coach Sean Schut in distress in the commons area outside of the gym.  At first glance, Deputy Reeves thought Coach Schut was feeling sick but quickly realized that he was choking and struggling for air.  He was unable to speak and did the universal sign for choking prompting Dep. Reeves to intervene.  Dep. Reeves’ quick thinking and training allowed him to perform the Heimlich maneuver, dislodging the food stuck in his airway.  After the incident, Coach Schut was visibly shaken but physically okay.

When speaking to Dep. Reeves about this day, he will tell you that he is not a “hero” and that he was “just in the right place at the right time”.

Deputy Reeves’ attention to duty and quick actions surely saved the life of Coach Schut.  He represents what the GCSO and the citizens of this county have come to expect from our training and professionalism.

Deputy Reeves resides in Texas City with his wife, Melinda.  He also serves as a devoted Pastor for New Creation Family Worship Center in Texas City.

For his dedicated service and for saving the life of Coach Schut, it is my honor to present the Peace Officer of the Year Award to Deputy Roderick Reeves.



2      Sergeant David L. Grace, Corrections Deputy of the Year

It is with great pleasure that the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office recognizes Sergeant David L. Grace for the 50 Club Award for Corrections Deputy of the Year.

Sergeant Grace has been with the GCSO over 22 years.  He was promoted to his current position in 2007.

During his tenure, he has obtained a Master Peace Officer license and Mental Health Officer Proficiency certification.

Sgt. Grace’s current role is Supervisor over the Inmate Skills program.

Although inmate skills may sound like a contradiction in terms, Sgt. Grace’s resourcefulness to find inmates with work abilities in specialized areas has many benefits not only to the Sheriff’s Office, but to Galveston County overall.  The abilities learned during their incarceration are very often utilized after their release in order to contribute to the community and assist them in the job market.

The number of programs Sgt. Grace oversees is just too numerous to mention, yet some of the more labor intensive programs include:

·       Car Wash Program-Approximately 6,000 vehicles per year including the municipal county, and the state police are able to make use of this service.

·       Vegetable Garden Program-Every year, the inmates cultivate, plant, and raise a garden and donate the produce to local charities.

·       County Landscaping-Mowing, trimming, and tree-pruning County owned properties.

·       Training/Work Opportunities-Welding, mechanical, painting, carpentry, and electrical.

To accomplish these work programs, Sgt. Grace uses between 20-30 inmates daily and works approximately 300 details per month.

Sgt. David Grace resides in Galveston with GCSO Deputy Karen Bates.

For his dedicated service in managing this important program, it is my honor to present the Corrections Officer of the Year Award to Sergeant David Grace.









Ford:        Will Chief Ron Morales, of THE DICKINSON POLICE DEPARTMENT please come forward to assist with the presentation to:


  • Officer Johnny Smith, Officer of the Year

Officer Smith began his Law Enforcement career in 2003 at the Tiki Island Police Department as a Patrol Officer.  After serving with Tiki Island for three years, Officer Smith left and began working for the Galveston County Constables Office/PCT 7 where he gained his knowledge of civil experience.  Officer Smith soon thereafter began his tenure at the Dickinson Police Department in 2006 where he is currently a respected leader amongst the ranks of the patrol division.

Officer Smith serves as a senior member of Dickinson’s Police Honor Guard and is recognized as the divisions most experienced Field Training Officer.  In the later part of the year, he was re-assigned to assist his current supervisor in the development of less experienced officers on the D shift.

In 2017, Johnny has accomplished the following while serving as a patrolman.

·       Trained numerous officers in the FTO Program throughout multiple phases.

·       Functioned as the Officer in Charge on two separate shifts.

·       Engaged in community policing efforts to collaborate with citizens to solve crimes and to educate the youth.

·       Been instrumental in the growth of junior officers within the entire division.

·       Worked diligently to enhance his professional management skills.

·       Awarded an accommodation for his professionalism, commitment to serve and dedication to go beyond the call of duty.

Officer Smith is a valuable asset to the department and has proven himself as a future leader.  He continues to serve Dickinson proudly and honorably holds a high standard of pride in his professional and personal life.  It is with great pleasure that Officer Smith be recognized as the 2017 Officer of the Year.





Ford:        Will Chief Robert J. Burby, with THE TEXAS CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT please come forward to assist with the presentation to:


·       Officer Petrina R. Gonzales, Officer of the Year


Police Chief Robert Burby and the Texas City Police Department are proud to recognize Officer Petrina Gonzales as their recipient of the Fifty Club Officer of the Year for her outstanding law enforcement efforts during 2017.

Officer Gonzales is being recognized for her superior work ethic, her skills and abilities to perform a variety of police assignments, and her compassion for helping others in the community during her assignment within the Patrol Division.

Officer Gonzales is a veteran officer with 12 years in law enforcement.  She holds an Advanced Peace Officer License with TCOLE and has completed over 200 hours of specialized training in Field Identification Investigation.  Her current duty assignment is within our Support Division as an ID Officer.  She is also a member of our Honor Guard Detail and a certified background investigator for our recruiting program.

Officer Gonzales is a loving mother of two daughters, Deja and Alexandria, and grandmother to a beautiful granddaughter Renali.

Texas City Police Department is proud to honor one of our finest officers and valued assets – Officer Petrina Gonzales-50 Club Officer of the Year.





Ford:        Will Chief John Hamm, with THE HITCHCOCK POLICE DEPARTMENT please come forward to assist with the presentation to:


  • Sgt. Dustin Pruitt, Officer of the Year

Sgt. Dustin Pruitt has been a member of the Hitchcock Police Department for 3 ½ years and he has also served with the City of Dickinson Police Department for 3 ½ years.  Sgt. Pruitt serves a number of roles within the department (administrative sergeant, community liaison, field training coordinator, fleet manager and the supervisor of records and communications).  Through his works he has helped lead our department to earn the trust of the community with our implantation and transition to the “community policing model”.

He and his wife Lauren have one son (Dillon), who is definitely a “Chip off the Ol’ Block”.

Sgt. Pruitt comes from a law enforcement family; his father, James Pruitt serves with the Dickinson Police Department and his uncle, John Pruitt, retired from the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office.

Sgt. Pruitt’s unique personal qualities of “Rough and Ready – only when needed”, paired with the gentleness of a lamb and a quiet confidence, has earned him the love and respect of his peers and our community.  He carries with him always “A Smile” and the nickname “Pruitt Can Do It” for his problem solving ability and willingness to take on any task no matter the size.

Sgt. Pruitt receives this honor today because he truly embodies the moniker “Compassionate Public Servant”.






Ford:        Will Chief Jeffrey Powell, with THE SANTA FE POLICE DEPARTMENT please come forward to assist with the presentation to:  


  • Detective Jared Enochs, Officer of the Year

Since Detective Jared Enochs transfer to CID in 2017, he has been certified as an evidence custodian and has worked on evidence destruction orders from case years 2009 to present.  Along with this assignment Detective Enochs also investigates major crimes and property crimes.  During the past year, Detective Enochs has carried a heavy case load for both personal crimes and property crimes and has been able to maintain a good clearance rate, while seizing and returning property and making both misdemeanor and felony arrests involving his assigned cases.

Detective Enochs has also assumed the role as the FTO Coordinator and has revised the departments FTO Policy and Training Guidelines to meet the need of our new officers and the growth of the department.  Detective Enochs is an experienced officer having worked as a patrol officer, a Galveston County  Auto Crimes Task Force Agent and a Patrol Sergeant.  Det. Enochs has shown to be a great asset to the Santa Fe Police Department, both through his service and his willingness to bring forth ideas to make Santa Fe Police Department and the community he serves a better place.

Det. Enochs holds an Advanced Peace Officer License, and has over 1,300 hours of TCOLE training in his career.



Ford:        Will Chief Brad Heiman with THE JAMAICA BEACH POLICE DEPARTMENT please come forward to assist with the presentation to:


  • Officer Kristin Ornelas, Officer of the Year

Officer Kristin Ornelas has been chosen as Jamaica Beach Police Department Officer of the Year by Chief Brad Heiman.

Kristin came to the Department in September of 2016 and has made a positive difference for our resort community since day one.  Kristin is a true leader who has made more traffic stops, issued more citations, made more arrest, and received more compliments than any other Officer in the Department.

Kristin has proven to be a very good investigator as well.  She has made numerous felony arrest(s) after conducting successful field investigations.  Kristin is driven and ambitious, continuously seeking specialized training to improve in all areas of law enforcement.

Kristin is an outstanding police officer and it is an honor to have her working for the Jamaica Beach Police Department.




Ford:        Will Constable Derrick W. Rose, Constables with GALVESTON COUNTY CONSTABLES Precinct #3, please come forward to assist with the presentation to:


Christopher Smith Deputy Constable Precinct #3, Constable of the Year

Wednesday, December 13, 2017 Deputy Christopher Smith of Galveston County Pct. 3 was working the Crystal Beach area. Deputy Smith was working the school zone when he had a truck pass him at a high rate of speed.  Deputy Smith attempted to stop the truck, which failed to pullover even with his lights and siren activated.  Deputy Smith contacted the Galveston County dispatcher to let them know he had a motor vehicle that was failing to stop and the direction of travel.  While the truck was not stopping they were only traveling at speeds of 70 mph.  Deputy Smith attempted to pull alongside of the vehicle to try and get the attention of the driver.  Deputy Smith immediately noticed that the driver was an elderly female and the passenger was an elderly male clutching his chest.  Deputy Smith advised dispatch what he had just witnessed and had dispatch contact Port Bolivar EMS and have them state at the Ferry Landing.  Deputy Smith gave the elderly couple an emergency escort to the Ferry Landing.  Upon arrival at the Ferry Landing Deputy Smith made contact with the driver, who advised her husband was having a heart attack and that he had already taken two nitro pills.  Port Bolivar EMS arrived about 30 seconds later and rushed the elderly male to UTMB.

EMS Personnel informed this office due to the quick actions of Deputy Christopher Smith this Christmas was saved for the family.  The elderly male had a history of heart problems including five stints and extremely high blood pressure.  Deputy Smith was a life saver on this December 13, 2017.









Ford:        Will Chief Kirk A. Jackson, with THE LA MARQUE POLICE DEPARTMENT please come forward to assist with the presentation to:

La Marque Police Department’s C Shift:

Sergeant Joshua Human, Officer Jose Santos, Officer Aaron Skaggs, Officer Kenneth Hernandez, Officer Hailey Monckton, Officers of the Year.

The events of August 26 and 27 of 2017 forever changed the landscape of Galveston County.  Hurricane Harvey inundated our communities with millions of gallons of rainfall.

Many families lost a great deal of their personal belongings and many more lost all material belongings.  Sadly, some members of the Galveston Community lost their lives; family members lost their loved ones.

During those terrifying hours of late night Saturday and throughout the early and late morning hours of Sunday, law enforcement officers of Galveston County ran towards the danger, as they always do, to protect the citizens of our communities.

Like many other first responders on duty that night, La Marque Police Department’s C Shift started their tour of duty without any idea what the next twelve hours had in store for them.  Throughout the night, C Shift responded to numerous calls of rising water and citizens in need of rescue.  Being equipped with only basic tools and equipment, the officers selflessly entered the flood waters to rescue citizens and take them to safety.  When the rain slowed and the sun started to rise, the exhausted officers dried themselves off, got a clean dry set of uniforms and went back to work protecting the community.

Every single first responder in the County worked tirelessly providing for public safety.  However, the La Marque Police Department’s C Shift. Sergeant Joshua Human, Officer Jose Santos, Officer Aaron Skaggs, Officer Kenneth Hernandez and Officer Hailey Monckton, is recognized as the La Marque Police Department’s Officer of the Year for 2017.



Ford:        Will Chief Kenneth Cook, with THE CLEAR LAKE SHORES POLICE DEPARTMENT please come forward to assist with the presentation to: 


·       Corporal Nathan Flores, Officer of the Year

The Clear Lake Shores Police Department is proud to recognize Corporal Nathan Flores, as their recipient of the Fifty Club Officer of the Year Award for outstanding law enforcement efforts while serving during 2017.

Nathan Flores has served The Community of Clear Lake Shores since January 2016.  He has been recognized for his exceptional job performance, dedication and loyalty to the department and citizens of Clear Lake Shores.

Nathan Flores is also recognized for his outstanding performance as a Field Training Officer, wherein he has demonstrated a commitment to the profession with his ambition, leadership, precise instruction and patience.

Nathan Flores is currently working on his Associates Degree in Business Management.  In 2015 Officer Flores attended the Police Academy at Wharton Jr. College where upon completion he graduated at the top of his class.

Nathan Flores became engaged to Jessica Cuello of Alvin, Texas, on October 1, 2017 and will be getting married on December 31, 2018.



Ford:        Will Chief Adren Sustaita with TIKI ISLAND POLICE DEPARTMENT please come forward to assist with the presentation to:     










Ford:        Will Chief Jimmie Gillane, with BAYOU VISTA POLICE DEPARTMENT please come forward to assist with the presentation to:


  • Officer Patrick South, Bayou Vista Police Department

The nominee for Officer of the Year from Bayou Vista is Officer Patrick South.  Officer South demonstrated what it means to be an officer during the trials of Hurricane Harvey.  During that time, South lost all his personal belongings, and, he was unable to get home to his grandmother who also lived at his house in Houston.  After day two, Officer South finally got word that the water had risen to the roof of his house.  All of the contents, pictures and keepsakes had been demolished.  Chief Jimmie Gillane saw the pictures of his house and witnessed the sadness and worry for his family that he could not reach because the water was still too high.  The only possessions that were left was the uniform he had on and his truck parked at the Bayou Vista Police Department.  Every day for almost a week the Chief, Officer South and another Officer worked around the clock, not once did Officer South complain that he was tired.  Officer South had only been sworn full-time officer about a month before Harvey ravaged the Houston area.  Even though Officer South was only here for a short while before the heartbreaking tragedy, he displayed the qualities of a seasoned officer and showed his true grit and determination to stick it out through it all.




Ford:        Will Chief Chris Reed with THE KEMAH POLICE DEPARTMENT please come forward to assist with the presentation to: 


  • Officer Ana Tims, Officer of the Year

For Officer Ana Tims, being a Police Officer is more than a job; it is her passion and motivates her to excel in every area of her life.  She serves with a perfect balance of “can do” and “care”.  She is tough mentally and physically, and she also has the heart of a servant who truly cares about people and her community.  Ana is active in every aspect of the Police Department, as well as in community and county organizations.  She has significantly improved the business operations of the Kemah Police Officers Association which has increased community outreach programs to the Kemah community and has improved relations between residents and police department.  Ana participates in public safety message videos and teaches during the Citizens Police Academy.  Officer Tims’ teamwork is exemplary.  She creates a positive atmosphere and sets high standard with her work ethic, tireless energy, and unselfishness.

Officer Tims’ brings tremendous depth of knowledge to her Police role, including past experience as a Deputy Marshal for Code Enforcement, a Fire Fighter, and a Paramedic.

Officer Tims is equally committed to and passionate about her family, husband Ralph Tims and children Xiomara (21), and twins, Ana Grace and Kathleen (8).

Officer Tims has a Bachelor’s Degree and her Intermediate Police Officer Certification.  Ana has been rated as an ACTFL Oral Proficient interviewer.




Ford:        Will Chief Robert Weiner of THE FRIENDSWOOD POLICE DEPARTMENT please come forward to assist with the presentation to:


  • Deputy Chief Luke Loeser, Officer of the Year

It is my pleasure to nominate Deputy Chief Luke Loeser as the Friendswood nominee for the 50 Club of Galveston County Officer of the Year for his 39 years of service to the residents of Friendswood.  Deputy Chief Loeser is deserving of this lifetime achievement award for the long-term leadership role he has held with the Friendswood Police Department.  It is presented to honor the service and sacrifices he has made to the law enforcement profession.

Deputy Chief Loeser will retire from the Friendswood Police Department in October 2018.  He began his career with the Alvin Community College Police Department in 1978; but soon thereafter, joined the ranks of the Friendswood Police Department as a patrol officer in 1979 when the department had 17 sworn police officers.  Since that time, the Department has grown to a force of 64 police officers.

Deputy Chief Loeser brings 39 years of knowledge, experience and service in advancing the law enforcement profession.  He has been at the forefront of developing innovative policing strategies and leading organizational change for the past 20-plus years.  He has served in many roles in every division of the department, including interim police chief, and is the longest tenured policeman in the Department.  He has served as a role model through actions and appearance.

Deputy Chief Loeser has had a colorful career, marked by stories of police chases, unusual arrests and interesting calls for service.  Deputy Chief Loeser is married to his wife, Carol.  They have three children – Joshua, Josiah and Sarah – who have blessed them with three grandchildren.




Ford:                Will Chief Gary Ratliff, with THE LEAGUE CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT please come forward to assist with the presentation to: 


  •  Detective Shayne Yount, Officer of the Year

The League City Police Department’s 50 Club Officer of the Year is Detective Shayne Yount.  He has been with the League City Police Department as an officer since 2007, and he is currently assigned as a detective in the Community Impact Unit (CIU) of the Criminal Investigations Division.  Among other investigative duties, Det. Yount has taken the lead in “jugging” incidents, which are criminals who sit in vehicles in or near banking parking lots looking for possible victims leaving a bank carrying bank bags, briefcases or satchels and then robbing them at their first stop after leaving the bank.  He spends many hours, surveillance of local banks, and during this time, Det. Yount has on-viewed numerous narcotics transactions and thefts in-progress from surrounding businesses.  In the past year, his due diligence and dedication has resulted in the following arrests:  (1) robbery, (3) felony thefts, (1) possession of child pornography, (9) felony narcotics arrest, (5) misdemeanor narcotics arrest, (2) indecent exposure arrests, (1) possession of a criminal instrument, and several arrests on outstanding warrants.  He has also assisted Patrol Officers in numerous other arrest.

Det. Yount researches crime patterns and trends and uses that data analysis to focus the resources of the Unit.  Recently, he discovered a trend of criminal activity in a local business parking lot, and he and other members of the CIU deployed to the area.  Det. Yount and his team witnessed several attempted car burglaries and successfully apprehended the suspect, charging him with several misdemeanor offenses.

On another occasion, Det. Yount was made aware of a group of males that were targeting cellular phone stores in a mob rush style theft where several people rush into a store at once and steal merchandise, mainly cellular devices and other electronics.  Det. Yount observed a vehicle with several males driving aimlessly through the parking lot and park behind the T-Mobile store in the area.  Det. Yount took up a position that afforded him a view of the front door and interior of the business, and after a few moments, the occupants of the vehicle rushed the store and stole several items.  Det. Yount had already alerted patrol officers to close in on the area and upon the suspects exiting the store a foot pursuit ensued and Det. Yount captured one suspect several hundred yards away while patrol officers captured on of the other suspects.  Det. Young was able to identify the other suspect that fled the scene and was able to obtain warrants for their arrest.

Det. Yount has a great working relationship with other law enforcement agencies and has disseminated suspected “jugger” descriptions and bank security video footage which have led to numerous “jugging” arrests in the Houston and Galveston areas.  Although Det. Yount has been described as the “guru” of “Juggers”, he has a special skill locating criminals already wanted by law enforcement.  He located and captured a wanted capital murder suspect, who was on the Texas DPS “Top 10 Most Wanted Fugitive List”.  From this arrest, information was gathered that led the Houston Police Department to a high-ranking MS-13 gang leader, who was currently living in League City.  This gang leader was on the “El Salvadorian Top 100 Most Wanted List” and was arrested and is awaiting deportation.

Det. Yount has an Associate’s Degree in Criminology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and he holds an Advanced Peace Officer certificate from TCOLE.  He was the League City Police Department’s Officer of the Year for the 50 Club in 2010 and has received numerous commendations and letters of appreciation.  Det. Yount exemplifies excellence which begins when we know that being good or even competent won’t carry the day, when doing more or trying harder won’t bridge the gap, when excellence is simply the only alternative.  Excellence is a matter of who we are and the stand we take—a stand that allows for performance that surpasses what was previously possible, performance that defies old limits and maps new territory.






Ford:                Will Interim Chief Nicholas Rac, with THE PORT OF GALVESTON POLICE DEPARTMENT please come forward to assist with the presentation to:


  • Officer Clay Garrison, Officer of the Year


Officer Garrison started his Law Enforcement career in 1995 with the Fort Bend Sheriff’s Office.  He worked there until 1999 when he joined the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office.  Officer Garrison had a brief break in service then returned to the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office, where he worked until 2015.  At that time, he joined the Port of Galveston Police Department.

Since Garrison has joined the Port of Galveston Police Department, he quickly moved up to the rank of Corporal, where he is respected by his peers for his professional standards and work ethic.  Garrison is self-initiated and continuously pursues educational opportunities for the advancement of not only the police department, but to better prepare himself for future career opportunities.

He continues to present the administration with new fresh ideas such as writing a proposal for a Port PD Drone Unit and even pursued training to do so.  Garrison demonstrates strong firearms proficiency and is currently the lead Firearms Instructor for the Department.  In addition to this, he is a Police Instructor, ALERRT and CRAZE Instructor and has trained with the SWAT team.  Garrison volunteers to work overtime when the shift lacks adequate manpower, and is a mentor to his coworkers.

He has recently volunteered to assist Port customers and area churches with active shooter training.  Officer Garrison continues to represent the Port of Galveston Police Department in a professional and caring manner.

He currently lives in La Porte with his wife, Kelly and their nine years old son, Tony.  He loves to barbeque and shoot his many firearms.





Ford:                Will Lieutenant Raymond M. Cooper, with THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS MEDICAL BRANCH AT GALVESTON POLICE DEPARTMENT please come forward to assist with the presentation to:


  • Officer Darrell Armstead, Officer of the Year

On 2/3/2018 at 3:08 AM, UTMB PD Officer Darrell Armstead observed a multiple vehicle crash with injuries on I-45 in Texas City, Texas with the Sheriff’s Office and TX DPS already on the scene.  Officer Armstead noted that one of the vehicles involved in the crash was significant distance from the scene of the impact and this vehicle was disabled, in the roadway, and occupied by two injured passengers who required EMS.  Officer Armstead positioned his Police patrol vehicle (with emergency lights on) behind the disabled citizen vehicle in such a way as to protect it and the injured occupants and to arm oncoming traffic from the rear.  Moments later a sports utility vehicle, traveling at a high speed with no lights on, came up from behind Officer Armstead’s patrol vehicle and struck the patrol vehicle with a violent impact – Officer Armstead was required to jump out of the way of the ongoing vehicle and vault over the guardrail in order to avoid harm.  The drive of the striking vehicle, a 57 year old female, was treated and arrested for Driving While Intoxicated.  The collision was investigated by TX DPS – DPS Trooper stated; “Had Officer Armstead not positioned his Police patrol vehicle as he did, the outcome would likely have included fatalities in the already disabled vehicle”.  (paraphrased-DPS Trooper indicated that Darrell Armstead’s action prevented the citizens from being severely injured or killed).

Trooper Gonzalez also stated “Officer Armstead showed that he handled stress very well…it is every officer’s worst nightmare.  Despite what he went through he still made sure the drive that hit him was okay.  Officer Armstead had a positive attitude and handled himself well during all the chaos.  It was definitely a bad deal, but I’m glad he’s okay.”




Ford:                Benediction….Jimmy Kessler – Rabbi Emeritus Congregation B’nai Israel.




Event May 7, 2018 at Moody Gardens Hotel



The Galveston Police Department


          Officer David Roark, Officer of the Year


The Galveston County Sheriff’s Department  


          Deputy Rodrick Reeves, Peace Officer of the Year

          Sergeant David L. Grace,  Corrections Deputy of the Year


The Dickinson Police Department


          Officer Johnny Smith, Officer of the Year



The Texas City Police Department


          Officer Petrina R. Gonzales, Officer of the Year



The Hitchcock Police Department


          Sergeant Dustin Pruitt, Officer of the Year



The Santa Fe Police Department


          Detective Jared Enochs, Officer of the Year



The Jamaica Beach Police Department


          Officer Kristin Ornelas, Officer of the Year







The Constables of Galveston County 


         Christopher Smith Deputy Constable Precinct #3, Constable of the Year



The La Marque Police Department


          La Marque Police Department C Shift:

Sergeant Joshua Human, Officer Jose Santos, Officer Aaron Skaggs, Officer Kenneth Hernandez and Officer Hailey Monckton, Officers of the Year.



The Clear Lake Shores Police Department


          Corporal Nathan Flores, Officer of the Year



The Tiki Island Police Department


          All Officers of Tiki Island Police Department



The Bayou Vista Police Department


 Officer Patrick South, Officer of the Year



The Kemah Police Department


 Officer Ana Tims, Officer of the Year




The Friendswood Police Department


Deputy Chief Luke Loeser, Officer of the Year





The League City Police Department 


          Detective Shayne Yount, Officer of the Year



The Port of Galveston Police Department


          Officer Clay Garrison, Officer of the Year



The University of Texas Medical Branch Police Department


          Officer Darrell Armstead, Officer of the Year


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