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Galveston County Sheriff's Deputies Caught Cheating On State Certification Tests
 Five Galveston County Sheriff's deputies have been reprimanded after investigators from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement discovered they cheated while taking the training courses required to maintain their certifications as a Texas Peace Officers.

Investigators say deputies Barney Jones, Guadalupe Mendez, Belinda Scott, Cedric Banks and Kenneth Hogan all violated the administrative code during the tests.

The deputies were all jailers and the four still working there were disciplined by the Sheriff in addition to being disciplined by TCOLE.

It was reported that Scott’s ex-husband — told the commission that Scott was completing tests for other deputies and was getting paid by them for it.

Four of them admitted to allowing Scott to use their online login information to take the tests for them.  Scott's computer was identified by it's IP address as having logged into each of the deputies accounts.

Scott admitted to investigator taking the tests for the others saying she did not realize she was doing wrong and was only trying to help the deputies.

The sheriff’s office did not reveal the cheating publicly. The case files for the investigation were obtained by The Galveston County Daily News through an open records request.

Galveston County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Mary Johnson said four of the five deputies, including Scott, were still employed. Jones has retired from the department.

Johnson said that the sheriff’s office disciplined the deputies beyond the punishments handed down by the law enforcement commission — but said she could not reveal what those punishments were.

The incidents cited in the commission’s reports all occurred between Aug. 31 and Sept. 6, 2015.

Sheriff’s office officials said they believe that all their employees are now taking their own tests.