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Restaurant Inspection Report
888 Chinese Restaurant, League City, Texas
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Food Facility Details

Address 1812 Fm 646

Google Map
Phone 281-309-9999

Inspection Details

06/10/2013 Regular Inspection Demerit Score: 28
Because bacteria and viruses can be present in old food soil, plates and other food contact surfaces must be properly cleaned and sanitized after each use.

Violations may include:

1. "Clean" forks and spoons provided to the customer are contaminated with dried food particles.
2. Cutting boards are not clean and sanitized before cutting lettuce for salads.
Food contact surfaces must be cleaned and sanitized before they can be used.
Raw food can contaminate cooked or otherwise ready-to-eat food. Every effort must be made to prevent the contamination of food.

Violations may include:

1. Raw egg (not pasturized) used in the preparation of a fruit smoothie drink.
2. Raw tomatoes used to dress a sandwich, are sliced on the same cutting board used to cut raw chicken without first cleaning and sanitizing the cutting board.
Ready-to-eat foods contaminated by raw potentially hazardous food must be voluntarily destroyed.
Because handwashing is such an important factor in the prevention of foodborne illness, sufficient facilities must be available to make handwashing not only possible, but likely. Facilities which are improperly located may be blocked by portable equipment or stacked full of soiled utensils and other items, rendering the facility unavailable for regular employee use.

Violations may include:

1. Handwashing sink has no working hot water.
2. Utensils are stacked in the handwashing sink making it inaccessible.
Handsinks must be made to be convenient and accessible at all times.
The handwash facility must be kept clean and well stocked with soap and sanitary towels to encourage frequent use.

Violations may include:

1. There is no soap at the handwashing sink.
2. There are no sanitary hand towels at the handsink.
A constant supply soap and towels must be available at handsinlks at all times.
All potentially hazardous food being held cold, must be at the proper holding temperature. Failure to hold cold food at at the proper temperature can lead to increasing bacterial numbers and and increased likelihood of foodborne illness.

Violations may include:

1. Milk held at 50 degrees F
2. Lunchmeat held at 55 degress F
Voluntarily destroy Potentially Hazardous Food held above 41 degrees F for more than 4 hours. Food held above 41 degrees F for less than 4 hours may be rapidly cooled to 41 degrees F using an ice bath or similar process.
The 3 compartment requirement allows for proper execution of the 3-step manual warewashing procedure. If properly used, the 3 compartments reduce the chance of contaminating the sanitizing water and therefore diluting the strength and efficacy of the chemical sanitizer that may be used.

Violations may include;

1. No 3-compartment sink is available to clean and sanitize equipment and utensils.
2. The hot water sanitizing rinse of a mechanical dishwashing machine does not reach the proper temperature.
All warewashing facilities must be used and maintained to properly wash and sanitize all food contact equipment and utensils.
The accidental contamination of food or food-contact surfaces can cause serious illness. Prominent and distinct labeling helps ensure that poisonous and toxic materials including personal care items are properly used. Separation of poisonous and toxic materials in accordance with the requirements of this section ensures that food, equipment, utensils, linens, and single-service and single-use articles are properly protected from contamination. For example, the storage of these types of materials directly above or adjacent to food could result in contamination of the food from spillage.

Violations may include:

1. Window cleaner in a spray bottle without a label.
2. Powdered milk mix being stored in an empty soap concentrate bucket.
Toxic items must immediately be labeled and stored in a manner that prevents the possible contamination of food and food contact surfaces.
The hands are particularly important in transmitting foodborne pathogens. Food employees with dirty hands and/or fingernails may contaminate the food being prepared. Therefore, any activity which may contaminate the hands must be followed by thorough handwashing in accordance with the procedures outlined in the Code.
Even seemingly healthy employees may serve as reservoirs for pathogenic microorganisms that are transmissible through food. Staphylococci, for example, can be found on the skin and in the mouth, throat, and nose of many employees. The hands of employees can be contaminated by touching their nose or other body parts.

Violations may include:

1. A food employee washes his hands without using any soap.
2. A food employee does not wash his hands after using the restroom.
Employes must properly wash hands throughout the work day to prevent the contamination of food and food contact surfaces.

Ahhh!! Ancient Chinese Secret..huh??? (Old people will remember the commercial, LOL!!)
Posted by H.E. at 6/19/2013 5:53:07 PM

AS Gordon Ramsey would say..."SHUT IT DOWWWWWN!!"
Posted by Lucas Jackson at 6/20/2013 5:02:28 PM

This should not be made public. It is punishment enough that he has to pay big fines. This article might hurt his business, That's excessive punishment and might even be double jeopardy!
Posted by Egfo Young at 6/20/2013 10:47:01 PM

It's good that is published. When I go out to eat I want to know if the food is safe or not. In places like New York City and Los Angeles restaurants are required to post an 8.5x11 sign with a letter A, B, C, D or F grade on it related to their inspections. We need that here.

How would it be double jeopardy to post it here? Is it Double Jeopardy if this site publishes an article that a person was convicted of something like murder?

Double Jeopardy is being charged with a crime, being found guilty or not guilty then being charged for the same crime again. Double Jeopardy is not committing a health code violation then the media reporting it.

Also 888 Bistro (El Camino, 1/2 block North of Bay Area Blvd) is much better!!
Posted by Jason at 6/21/2013 10:17:16 PM

"This should not be made public"? Really? So you don't mind food poisoning? Well, know what? I do!
Posted by YouKnowWho at 6/24/2013 10:39:16 PM

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