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Ga. officer fatally shot while investigating suspicious vehicle
Authorities have charged two teens in connection with the shooting
2 SC deputies injured in shooting leave hospital
Another deputy remains in the hospital in critical condition after the Oct. 3 shooting
Rookie SC cop pulls over mayor during first day on the job
New officer Amanda Johnston's first traffic stop turned out to be the mayor of Myrtle Beach
Multi-state task force smashes drug rings in simultaneous busts
During the raid on cocaine and meth rings, investigators in Denver seized four kilos of heroin, more than one kilo of cocaine, $47K cash, five handguns, two rifles and a car
Ore. city will pay $120K to cop fired for controversial Facebook posts
An official ruled that the City of West Linn owed the officer 17 months of back pay
Laughter, fond memories fill a park newly named for Chicago officer killed in school shooting
Thirty years ago, Irma Ruiz, a Chicago police officer who “took care of everyone,” became one of the first female officers to be killed in the line of duty
Vt. cop stunned by opioid victim's viral obit wants better treatment for addicts
"There are so many clinical advances that could be made ... that could save so many lives," Officer Brandon del Pozo said
Attorney General: Reforms of Chicago police could boost crime
"Micromanaging the CPD through a federal court order isn't just unjustified, it's an insult," Jeff Sessions said
Why safe injection sites are a bad idea
So-called "safe injection sites" are facilities where drug users would be able to shoot up in an enclosed environment supervised by medical professionals
Police reforms have NYC officers handing out business cards
About 9 million of the business cards are personalized with officers' names, shield numbers and other required information


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