Conroe Police Dept - Case Tracking Log
Conroe, Texas
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11/15/17                    Conroe Police Department                           

08:05                          Case Tracking Log                     


  Number    Date     Nature          Address               Resp. Officer    Disp

  --------- -------- --------------- --------------------- ---------------  ---

   17110519 11/14/17 Accident       1200 N LOOP 336 W      Hurd, S          ACT

   17110520 11/14/17 Warrant Servic 2245 N 1ST ST; RM 139  Napolitano, D    ACT

   17110521 11/14/17 Warrant Servic 2245 N 1ST ST; rm 127  OFarrell, J      ACT

   17110524 11/14/17 Traffic Stop   1123 N FRAZIER ST      Burge, D         ACT

   17110526 11/14/17 Accident       400 N LOOP 336 W       Hurd, S          ACT

   17110527 11/14/17 Warrant Servic 400 N LOOP 336 W       Trotter, I       ACT

   17110528 11/14/17 Traffic Stop   1203 WILSON RD & PLANT Davis, B         ACT

   17110529 11/14/17 Accident       16640 S IH45 S         Hurd, S          ACT

   17110530 11/14/17 Accident       1200 S IH45 FEEDER S   OFarrell, J      ACT

   17110531 11/14/17 Fraud          505 JEWEL ST           Melchor, J       ACT

   17110532 11/14/17 Accident       800 N IH45 N           Bell, A          ACT

   17110533 11/14/17 Theft          2912 N IH45 N; STE 100 Leggett, D       ACT

   17110534 11/14/17 Accident       2100 N FRAZIER ST      Moote, M         ACT

   17110535 11/14/17 Welfare Check  219 N LOOP 336 E; apt  Frazier, M       ACT

   17110536 11/14/17 Accident       1101 S IH45 N          Napolitano, D    ACT

   17110537 11/14/17 Runaway Juvnil 10393 LEAGUE LINE RD   Brockett, A      ACT

   17110539 11/14/17 Theft          1341 W DAVIS ST        Taylor, T        ACT

   17110540 11/14/17 Accident       1700 E DAVIS ST        Jasso, S         ACT

   17110541 11/14/17 Sex Offense    21675 MCCLESKEY        Nichols, J       ACT

   17110542 11/14/17 Welfare Check  19662 AIRPORT PKWY     Tullis, G        ACT

   17110543 11/14/17 Warrant Servic 302 SIMONTON ST        Adams, C         ACT

   17110544 11/14/17 Traffic Stop   421 N THOMPSON ST & W  Moote, M         ACT

   17110545 11/14/17 Information    18700 HIGHWAY 105 W    Caughman, P      ACT

   17110546 11/14/17 Information    1710 LINDY LN          Melchor, J       ACT

   17110547 11/15/17 Traffic Stop   11200 HIGHWAY 105 E    Upton, M         ACT

   17110548 11/15/17 Traffic Stop   4300 W DAVIS ST        Sutton, T        ACT

   17110549 11/15/17 Traffic Stop   1021 SILVERDALE DR & S Robinson, W      ACT

   17110550 11/15/17 Traffic Stop   599 N FM 3083 RD W & N Campos, K        ACT

   17110551 11/15/17 Accident       2401 N IH45 S          Hansen, T        ACT

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