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NYPD investigating after video shows LEOs pull child from mother
Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez said that a peace officer “escalated the situation” and created “an awful scenario” that was depicted in the viral video
YouTube HQ shooting: For one cop, pulling an overtime shift led to a lifesaving response
The wound treatment videos Joe Gomez watched on YouTube led to him saving a YouTube employee’s life
A Christmas Story: Tedd-ee from the Trunk
A simple gesture from a Santa in blue changes a young boy’s life forever
Man sentenced to life in prison for Charlottesville car attack
The jury sentenced James Alex Fields Jr. to life in prison for killing a woman when he rammed his car into a crowd during a white nationalist rally in Virginia
The cop who refused to die
Officer Timothy Sterrett flat-lined on the operating table on November 8, 2017. He also, improbably, came back to life
SCOTUS year in review: A quartet of Fourth Amendment cases
Privacy protections under the Fourth Amendment remain a core concern to the U.S. Supreme Court
19 on 2019: Expert predictions on the top police issues in 2019
What challenges will law enforcement face in 2019?
Los Angeles school officer found dead at elementary school
The body of Officer Douglas Campbell, 46, was found Sunday at Valley View Elementary School, officials say
Maine man who had explosive police standoff to sue agencies
Michael Grendell sent to state police and other departments requests of $120 million in damages
Research: Sandy Hook's gunman documents may boost study of mass killers
Researchers say the detail on Adam Lanza's mental decline could offer insights into the mind of a mass killer


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