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Posted on: Thursday, July 18, 2013
Time to let go of your hatred, resentment and become hard working accomplished Americans
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July 18, 2013

Trevon Martin Trial When my ancestors came to the USA from Germany in the late 1800’s they landed in Galveston and made their way by ox cart to the La Grange area. They worked in the fields picking cotton alongside the Negros in the area. Eventually they all worked hard enough to buy land, raise cattle, corn and cotton.
As freemen they knew the value of working hard and appreciating their heritage but they never allowed the past to overshadow the bright future they knew was in store for them with hard work, dedication, faith and common sense. Blacks were freed so they too could make a living for themselves, own land and have bright futures too.
What happened along the way? Texans of African descent have worked with others like my ancestors to build Texas’ unique cultural heritage, making extraordinary contributions to its traditions. But on the other hand, African Americans have been subjected to slavery, racial prejudice, segregation, and exclusion from the mainstream of the state's institutions.
Despite these impediments and constraints, their contributions to the state's development and growth have been truly significant. So why do Negros have to drag the past into every situation? I am amazed at the reaction to the Trevon Martin case. The case went through all the legal steps and a verdict was presented by a jury picked by BOTH the defense and the prosecution.
Why are there demonstrations in Houston/California? Why are people rioting and looting businesses in California? Why are there people blocking major roadways? Why are there marches in the “rich” area of Houston River Oaks? What good does this do? It accomplished NOTHING more than to make the divide between races even greater.
What can the commuters driving on a freeway do about the verdict? What does rioting and looting accomplish but rob business owners of their livelihood’s. It costs us ALL to provide law enforcement when all these events take place. Why are the “rich” people in River Oaks being targeted?
 Sounds to me, like there is resentment towards those that have money, who have worked hard and made a success of their lives. They have NOTHING to do with this case, so what good does this march do? I understand frustration but why can’t they accept the fact that a jury made a judgment and that is that. Trevon Martin ‘s life was taken at an early age but there must be some responsibility on HIS part for the events of that night. On TV you see “the bad guys” all wearing hoodies because it hides their identity, so of course hoodies are associated with thugs and people up to no good these days.
Sure it’s not fair but it’s the truth. (I cannot for the life of me understand why someone in the south would wear a friggin hoodie in this weather yet you see people with them on in 100º heat…what is up with that?) George Zimmerman was defending himself from someone who “presented” himself as a thug plain and simple.
Why must the rules be changed because a group of people cannot accept the final decision of a jury? Most of them didn’t even watch the case and all they know is that one of their own was “murdered.” So now Hoodies, Skittles and Arizona Tea symbolizes his “struggle”. How about in his memory, parents teach kids to respect others, to come home at a decent time, to stay away from drugs and pot and to become assets of society instead of hating anyone who isn’t the same race and resenting people who have made a good life for themselves. It starts with parents who have good values and a moral compass pointed in the right direction.
You have to work hard to get anywhere in this life. EVERYONE is given the same chance to improve their lives. If you are healthy and able to work but you choose to sit on your ass all day and expect someone else to provide food, housing and drug money then you will be considered a burden on society. People now days work too hard to watch other able-bodied folks get what they have worked so hard for without lifting a finger.
Time to let go of your hatred, resentment and become hard working accomplished Americans that are an asset to society instead of following some racially prejudiced shepherd that plays on the ignorant and poor; who takes advantage of situations to motivate people in the wrong direction, for the wrong reasons and get his face on TV, with his cloak of peace and justice while wearing his expensive suites and flocked by his body guards. All it takes is some common sense and the desire to better yourselves and work hard. Is that asking too much from people?

Texas City Reader

I agree with the Texas City Reader. The unfortunate part of this is that the people that need to read Texas City Reader's comments won't read them and in some cases, can't read. Also, they don't care about anything that the Texas City Reader has said.

Sugar Land Reader

Extremely well written.

Bravo to Galveston Police News for printingthis story. I am living in Austin, and there is no way they would of printed this story.

Texas City article.
They got civil rights, more welfare, more everything but it is never enough. They want more and more regardless of the laws, rules and regulations of society.
There wasn't protests, riots etc when OJ Simpson was found not guilty of murdering TWO people. I guess because a bozo of color is in office they think they can get away with anything.
Someone needs to stand up do something about the injustice that is happening in this country. It is amazing that the clueless people in this country don't understand what is happening in this country.
We need some folks with some guts to do something about the problems and not lay down and let part of the society run over the rest.
May God Bless America.

What happened along the way? The Federal Government happened!
It gave women just enough money to subsist on so they no longer needed a husband to provide. So daddy was no longer around to give parental guidance and generations of young men have grown into adulthood never having been raised (nurtured, guided). What a waste of good minds and creativity.
The other thing that has happened are the Jesse Jackson types who foment the hatred and the division. When will they be seen for what they are?
Many blacks have seen and they have gotten educated, gotten jobs, and are raising families, husband and wife together. And their children are a blessing to the school system and to society.
We are a white family who has raised a black child. We took him out of the welfare system, out of the victim mentality and gave him an opportunity to reach his potential.
I hope that some day he will understand what was done for him and will lead others out also.

Black folks were sold as slaves by fellow blacks to white democrats back in the back in the day. Slave owners provided just enough food, clothing, and shelter for them to get by. Al Sharpton and the NAACP sell out thier people to democrats today. WIC, Food Stamps, Unemployment, Disability, and Public Housing - just enough to get by, and vote Democrat. Nothing has changed.

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