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SC law that helps criminals erase convictions from public record is 'dangerous,' critics say
“Criminal history, like all history, should not be erased,” said Gov. Henry McMaster when he vetoed the legislation in May
Baltimore puts 230 desk officers on streets as murders mount
An official said the department will keep desk officers on patrol until they're no longer needed or the department can no longer function with administrative duties going undone
NY cop honored for saving life of choking baby
"When I first saw the call, all I was thinking was that could be my son," Officer Thomas Miller said
Baltimore Police union writes letter to ‘SNL’ expressing ‘great disappointment’
“It is a difficult time in Baltimore and to portray our hard-working members with such an inappropriate manner is very unfortunate," Lt. Gene Ryan wrote
Texas high schoolers required to watch video on how to interact with cops
Instruction includes a 16-minute video showing possible scenarios on being pulled over
NC trooper dies after suspect opens fire
A driver opened fire on a state trooper during a traffic stop early Wednesday, killing the 11-year Highway Patrol veteran
Why leaders should be neither feared nor loved
Good leaders find the right balance between compassion and command
NY sergeant dies of 9/11-related illness
Sgt. Dennis W. Reichardt developed cancer after spending three months searching through debris at Ground Zero
Wash. PD to allow officers to show tattoos under new policy
More than 90 percent of the 2,500 residents who responded to a Facebook poll on the subject favored allowing officers to show their tattoos
How first responders are helping Fla. residents after hurricane
Officers have journeyed to the areas affected by the storm to hand out much-needed accessories and provide comfort and care


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